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NARINÉE is a contemporary jewelry collection inspired by Armenian architectural and cultural heritage.

Multi-layering and ornamental carvings being two powerful notions of this heritage, these jewelry pieces are portrayed as ‘layers’ – with each piece uniquely curated as an aesthetically bold adornment that carries a story, a narrative, an inspiration. 



Armenian costumes & adornments

Elegant forms inspired by Armenian women's head adornments are reminisced in these rings.




Architectural ornaments

Elegant and intricate these motifs are transposed from the ornamental art of the Armenian architecture into delicate and intricate lace-like adornments.



Armenian alphabet

Delicate forms stemming from lower case Armenian alphabet letters define these discreet rings.


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Narinée Tchilinguirian is a young interior architect, and multitalented designer of Armenian descent, born and raised in Beirut.

Narinée grew up in a family of designers and her passion for design, cultural heritage, and the interplay of both worlds arose early in her life.

After graduating from the Lebanese American University with High Distinction and the President’s Award, she started collaborating with design firms in the Lebanese capital.
She then moved to Milan to complete two Masters degrees; at Politecnico di Milano - in Product design and at Alta Scuola Politecnica - in Innovative and Multidisciplinary Design, degrees she earned with distinction.

Product design, interior architecture, and a faculty member in LAU Beirut, Narinée has been exploring every field of her expertise since 2011. But determined to make her Master's thesis ‘Beyond traditions: Armenian Contemporary Design’ a real life project, she eventually launched her namesake brand 'NARINÉE' - a testimonial to years of study and research, inspired by Armenian architectural and cultural heritage.

Owing to her specialized education and multicultural background, she has been able to add a touch of originality and ingenuity to her jewelry collection. She is bold in her unconventional marriage of materials, blending contemporary manufacturing techniques & materials with refined traditional craftsmanship and minimalistic shapes with intricate patterns.
Culture, traditions, design and architecture are the common thread of the brand pieces that if they are minimal remain bold and extremely powerful.