NARINEE inspiration.png

NARINÉE is a contemporary jewelry collection inspired by Armenian architectural and cultural heritage.

Multi-layering and ornamental carvings being two powerful notions of this heritage, these jewelry pieces are portrayed as ‘layers’ – with each piece uniquely curated as an aesthetically bold adornment that carries a story, a narrative, an inspiration. 



Armenian costumes & adornments

Elegant forms inspired by Armenian women's head adornments are reminisced in these rings.




Architectural ornaments

Elegant and intricate these motifs are transposed from the ornamental art of the Armenian architecture into delicate and intricate lace-like adornments.



Armenian alphabet

Delicate forms stemming from lower case Armenian alphabet letters define these discreet rings.



Lover of art, and all that it entails, Narinée Tchilinguirian is a young interior architect, and multitalented designer of Armenian descent, born and raised in Beirut. 

Narinée grew up in a family of designers — her father, a jewelry designer, mother, an interior designer and sister, a graphic designer. Her passion for design, cultural heritage, and the interplay of both worlds started at a very early age and is a core part of who she is.

Narinée graduated from LAU Beirut with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture, with High Distinction and the President’s Award. After which, she collaborated with local design firms in Beirut working on both interior and furniture design projects.

She then moved to Milan, Italy, to pursue her passion for product and furniture design at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, where she completed two Masters degrees with distinction. 

“Beyond traditions: Armenian Contemporary Design” the title of her thesis for a Masters in Industrial and Product Design, was immensely acclaimed by the jury, offering her MA degree with cum laude.

Her second Masters degree, in Innovative and Multidisciplinary Design, was a part of the Alta Scuola Politecnica system — a particularly selective and competitive program for the top 150 students coming from all disciplines, from all over the world. Narinée received her degree following unique collaborations with prominent professionals from the Italian fashion industry and the innovative Japanese production company, Shima Seiki.

Since 2011, Narinée has been keeping active in various disciplines — product design, interior architecture, and as a faculty member in LAU — however her determination of making her thesis a real life project, along with her perpetual passion for quality craftsmanship and high respect for her heritage, led her to launch this debut collection, under the brand name “NARINÉE” — a testimonial to years of study and research, inspired by Armenian architectural and cultural heritage. 

Narinée's love for architecture and space is seamlessly translated and applied to each and every single one of her designs. She has explored the aesthetic interplay of art, traditions, culture and architecture and created these unique design pieces that are minimal, yet so powerful.